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Healthy Travel: Fasolakia, Greek Style Green Beans

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been awhile since I have really worked on my blog. But travels, friends, and family have kept me quite busy! Since the yoga festival last month in Berlin, I headed to my cousin’s wedding in the Czech Republic, and am now pretty settled in Vienna, Austria. So the time… 

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Healthy Travel: Baked Vegetable Briam

What is briam? It’s a Greek/Turkish dish also known by the name of Tourlou Tourlou – which means all mixed up. Basically, this dish includes any or all the vegetables in your kitchen, “all mixed up” and roasted with herbs. I am so sorry that I can’t find the words to make this dish sound… 

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What I ate in Berlin

To put it simply, vegans are welcome in Berlin. When I got to Berlin, I was overwhelmed with food choices. There is vegan food all over Berlin, in every shop, restaurant, and bakery. Well not all of them, but more than any other city I have been to in the recent past. As someone often with… 

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