Taco Rice

Meatless Monday: Taco Rice

This easy, meatless taco rice dish is excellent for lunch or for dinner. I guess I really love this dish because it is pretty much my chipotle order, made at home, but it is also a very satisfying, easy, and fresh meal that packs up well the next day. The nice thing about this taco… 

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Chicago Eataly Text

What I Ate in Chicago: Vegan at Eataly

  While in Chicago this past August attending the Chicago area Veggie Fest, my friend and I stopped in to Eataly, an Italian themed market and restaurant in downtown Chicago. This place is relatively new, and it is a European style market featuring high end goods, as well as several mini restaurants and tasting areas. If… 

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India Countdown 3 months

Countdown to India: 3 Months!

So it just occurred to me that I will be leaving for India in a short 3 months! I am actually a few days late realizing this, so it’s really about 2 months and 26 days, but who’s counting? Oh, and in case I forgot to mention, I have been working and planning and saving… 

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